Proper Setup

There are three (3) adjustments on the SRSC Cyclefit bikes. All three are done by loosening the T-bolts. You have the handle bar, seat height, and seat fore & aft positions. For the first couple of rides, have the Cyclefit group leader assist you with these adjustments. To adjust these for proper setup you:

  1. Set the handle bar height to a position that is comfortable for you.

  2. The seat height adjustment should allow you to achieve almost full leg extension without locking-out the knee. The hips should NOT rock as you pedal. Both of these conditions could result in a knee or hip injury.

  3. A proper fore-aft adjustment ensures that your knee on the leading pedal stroke does not cross over the ball of your foot (the same as in lunges). With your leading foot in the 3 o'clock position, you should be able to project a vertical line from the front of your knee to the midpoint on the ball of your foot. If set improper, this also could result in knee injuries.

After you have made the proper adjustments, be sure you tighten the T-bolts so your seat and handle bars are secure. Remember the number of holes exposed on your setup and you will be able to adjust any bike in the Cyclefit studio in record time.