Late April 2003, found me on my way to Portugal and Spain
These photos tell a little of the travels
Enjoy them

Looking across Lisbon towards Castelo de Sao Jorge

An aguaduct coming into Lisbon

The site of EXPO 98 with Ponte de Vasco da Gama in the distance

Looks inviting..

Torre de Belem

Padrao dos Descobrimentos

A church door overhead

One of them "Man/Horse" things

Tile facades were common

A night shot of Evora's aguaduct

10 km north of Evora, the solitary stone, Menir dos Alemdres

Walking through a cork forest

Cromeleque dos Almendres
The Iberian Peninsula's most important megalithic site

Some had carvings

There are 95 stones here

They're just hanging out

Alignment counts for something

Anta Grande do Zambujeiro
Europe's largest Dolmen

The cap stone was removed in the 1960's for fear of falling on someone

Back in town, I take some tile shots inside a church

now behave or else.......

One of the very few Roman temples still standing
after so many years of church influence

...old with the new...

The Cistercian Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaca nave is 106m long
but only 23m wide

Populated by Dom Pedro

and his wife, Dona Ines

I admire the stone craftmanship

Juliana would love this place.

The infamous kitchen, do you know why?

Two things I like to see are:
flowers growing out of walls and/or other odd places,
and gargoyles - I get both here

Is that a mushroom

Got out to Fatima, this was about 1 week before millions came
talk about beating the crowds

The church, look at the posters of the two children,
the third was still alive in 2001, a nun living at or near this church
she was the one that had the visions

He comes from Austria and is only hauling 8 kg, happy trails brother

The Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitoria in Batalha is a stonework of art

Some of the guest here are....

and their sons, one being Prince Henry the Navigator

The amount of stone work in this place was mind boggling

Back in Leiria I go to the local castelo

nothing to lose your head over

Moved up into the Beiras
spent a couple of days in Coimbra
visiting the nearby Bucaco National Forest

Some grand trees in the forest

and some little ones

godzilla ???

from there

used this

and then that

to get here
sort of

A large rock carving near Torre
highest point in Portugal, 1993m
(2000m if you count the radar tower)

Got my wild-life

and the fields of wild flowers

The old tuberculosis sanatorium downhill from Penhas da Saude

At Vila Nova de Foz Coa
into the hills exploring

Came across this old house and stairs in the hills

Watch out for that last step

Looking at rock art thousands of years old

and then to Porto

Double-decker bridges


and of course, graveyards

and then off to Braga
church on a hill outside of town

and Bom Jesus do Monte

I like the tower roofs

The city fountain

I'm camping at the frontier Parque National da Peneda-Geres

A newly discovered swimming hole

and then I'm in Spain, this is Santiago de Compostela

This guy got the incense burner swinging way high in the sky

Some day hiking in Pindo on the Galicia coast

Came across cousin Nancy on the Costa da Morte trek south of Laxe

Took in the Cemiterio dos Ingleses

and a couple of stone graineries

Farther north by Pontedeume, I come across the Caaveiro Monastery

A Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis

Some shots while hiking the Picos de Europa

Pico Urriellu/Naranjo de Bulnes

My favorite, Refugio Collado Jermoso

Wild life by the refugio

Day scrambling around base camp with Leo Bauer brought us to these critters

Had a beer with one of the skulls I brought back down

And now I am in Bilbao at the Guggenheim museum

Most of the neat stuff was outside

the Red Door of the bull ring in Pamplona

Start of the Pyrenees trek
Stayed at Refugio de Respomuso the second night

The Collado de Piedrafita
Leo led over this pass with no crampons or ice axe

Followed the river down to Balneario de Panticosa

Wide open spaces - I go from here to there
I should get a map sometime when I do these walks

and more flowers..

I am at Torla - We came down this valley
and will go into the one on the right

Next day I'm in the one on the right, looking back towards Torla

The head of the valley - Can you see Refugio de Goriz

The rock Punta de las Olas
The GR11 was moved off this rock ledge
down into the valley below as a safety move
Leo and I took it

End of the day, I came off the top here
It is a 60% grade for 1 mile plus

Crossed paths one last time with friends

and into Zaragoza

Wavey-gravey buildings here


Weather vane art

A lot of good day walking sites in the city

and more gargoyles

The children's Science expo and museum

Traveling buddies on the way to Madrid

These dogs are still making it.....

Shots of Toledo

Madrid, where did this thing come from?

Can you find a square shape in this photo?

The metro system was great and easy

King Juan Carlos V (i think) park

There is hope for them hungry old men

A jar of bones

Don't think it is batman or the flash

Down to Granada and the Alhambra Palace



and felines...

Nice stone/brick mix on these keys

and this structure too

I think it is a fancy garage door

You'll get a bang out of this

Some shots inside and outside of Granada's buildings

A little roped off area, not sure why

joe from the hostal, a good place :)

would it be complete without the graveyard shots

It looked different from all of the others

I bent to read the name, Emilio Linares

and then I read his List..

A church down in the village of Ganada

Sevilla was my kind of town to hang in for a week
So much ground to cover, so much to see..

All the different building styles kept me walking and looking

Inside the main church where anyone who was someone is buried here

Shots from the bell tower

The bull ring in the distance

The top of the church

Outside I see this and

inside looking up at that same spot..I see this


Back outside again

The buildings kept changing, refreshing, like an afternoon breeze

The bridges were pretty modern

Spent a couple of days in Huelva

looking over the bull ring,
(straight down that street in
front of us on the left side is a McDonalds
with a really clean restroom :)

cris was here

I fly off to Vila Real de Santo Antonio (on a bus)

Some ruins at Castro Marim

Can you see the wood-storks' nest in the chimney?

Last days, spent this one in Sintra

Looking out the backside of the hostal

Tile shots at this building

with this guy too...

Are these things like rabbits?

Now, That's...

Had a sleepover at Heathrow. Someone has done this before

Happy Trails