Not reaching my intended destination while traveling in 2001
I decide on returning to South America for 107 days of Patagonia adventure...

Tallest mountain in America
Cerro Aconcagua 6959m

I'd love to have the 30 days and $2,000 to do it

At the border going into Chile

Having dinner with new friends at Scott's place in Santiago

This is Volcan Villarrica at Pucon

I even spelled the name correct

Some of the local flowers

Nice, bright colors

An Araucaria tree in Parque Nacional Huerquehue

They are not noted for providing a lot of shade but...
they are a very old type of tree

Conni and Shashi wondering where we are - me too.......

An exposure with a lot of Araucaria trees

First tent shot of the trip, MSR Zoid-2

Another hillshot with the trees

Like the sign says, go here I guess

Our cooking shelter for 2 nights

Heading to Las Gaviotas
The spot was sweet and the French couple made it complete

Conni cossing the bridge

Around El Bolson looking towards Lago Puelo

The Rio Azul, west of El Bolson

Some flowers....

This is Cerro Piltriquitron
An energy spot on the planet

Another one of them bridges only this one is bigger

Andra crossing over

Crossing some lower lands heading up on the Cerro Hielo Azul trek

Stayed here New Year's Eve - Great apple pie

Had about 20 of us sleeping on the floor upstairs

A small glacier, Glaciar Hielo Azul

Looking down towards the refugio

Next day trekked to Refugio Cajon del Azul

A local famous picture spot

Only about 200 foot drop

In Bariloche looking towards the next trekking area

Getting ready to step out from Refugio Lynch

Looking towards Lago Nahuel Huapi

Some rocks of the interior

This was a solo day for me

Clouds set in after I arrived at Refugio Frey
A couple of guys lost trail and had to spent the night outside without shelter
They were hurting but lived I heard

The name says it all

Had a very strong wind with snow during the night

Now I'm heading to Refugio San Martin

Another solo day

Here it is

And a little geology

Looking into a cirque

The start of tomorrow's possible route

Can never have enough flowers

Back by El Bolson I get ready for a longer trek

more flowers.....

Art at Lago Puelo

Saying Ciao to Flores and Alejo

Starting the Puelo Valley trek

Traveling with Thomas and Sebastien

Lost a few here I guess

Can't walk the shoreline

You can stick your face into the lake and
drink the water with no problem

Getting ready to hijack the raft

Other modes of tranportation

Sebastien wants to go fishing

The passarilla

Natural art

Moments of reflextion

The local ferry service - horses have to swim

Another ferry ride in the middle of nowhere - I like this

I've been told the 3 step steeple stands for Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Cochamo with Volcan Hornopiren in the rear

Was told this place of Daniel's was to become
one of the must do spots in the climbing world
Its new - first ascent was around 2002

I'm into water fun also

Plant life is most interesting....

So are the trees

These are the oldest trees of the Southern Americas

This is a young one

There was a trail with many signs like this
A lot of work for the remotness of this area

My trekking pole for scale


Lower portion of a large waterfall

Here is an old one

The upper portion of the waterfall

Nice place to have a spot of tea

A free ferry on Chiloe

Not a free ferry heading to Chaiten

Calm waters behind me

Chaiten - I start the Carretera Austral from here

Here we have mountains on our left..

and mountains on our right

plus man eating Nalca all along the road

The 4x4 I shared for 12 hours with15 others heading south

Trees again

No leaf trees...

The stalk of this plant helps the guy with guess what....




and flowers

Arriving at El Chalten
Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in the distance

Valle Rio de Las Vueltas

One of my favorite spots

The Southern Ice Field lies behind the mountain
It is the world's largest icefield outside of the polar regions

Saw a 1959 photo showing this glacier covering 3/4 of this lake
It was very tall, shaped like a loaf of bread
I'm bummed...

Looking towards Lago Viedma in the far distance

Cerro Torre 3102m

You see both Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre here

One tough climb

What's this, a cheap advertisement shot

Me and Sebrina wanted to get closer but...
This was the end of the road today kiddies

Sabrina composed this

Interesting climbing history about Cerro Torre

This is a good parting shot

Continuing on Ruta Cuarenta to Calafate
and Glaciar Moreno

Ice Bergs????

Ice cave

Can you believe this is many 100's of feet high

Trekking again with sexy boots in
Torres del Paine

Little apples or Chauras...yummie....

Never far from tree line

Nice toes Sabrina - at least you didn't lose the nails

The Towers.....

Wind swept areas

Top of the hill, no????

Water flows..

Bushes growing on bushes

And a tree rises above them all...

Torres del Paine

Rear view shot

It would get no clearer than this for me

It's bigger than a house and
I don't know what is holding it up

Heavy cloud sunrise - can't see the reds very well

Need one of these for my desk so
I won't have to lick my stamps anymore

No tops to be seen here

Notice the black/white rock contact

Mountains and clouds

Lago Nordenskjold

Mountain city here

She's looking at something

That's a glacier hanging there

Rock art

Looking across the waters

These again

Heavy growth here

Sabrina and I are heading across country here
way-off the trail for sure

By Cerro Cabeza del Indio and Cerro Fortaleza

So close to the backside of Torres del Paine
and it is possible
if only there was just 2 more hours of sunlight

People just don't come to this part
...and I want it really bad

and then, some people just aren't impressed with anything

Heading back to camp we take in the large cirque in Valle Frances

As well as some of the wildlife

On trail again looking at water

and these things again

Valle Frances

Time to take off the boots and cross
if you are not good at rock hopping

Lago Grey

Have we seen this one before???

Glaciar Grey

A backshot towards camp

Glaciar Grey not zoomed in

My lady airplane
Had really strong winds here

Final night camp spot in N.P. Torres del Paine

On the ride out of the park

The imfamous park fire of 2005

A no dock at the bay type place in Puerto Natales

Looking towards the park, about 116 km away by road

My casita azul

Last hope must be a bar

I am at...

I was there

and here at..

She's making fresh carnie empanadas

Hector looking a little sad
He knows the more I eat, the less he'll get.....
I really like empanadas - These folks were great

Made my way down to Estrecho de Magallanes

Next stop - Tierra del Fuego

It's a long way northward to anything

The extension of a solid surface beckoned us to continue moving forward

Hey, they got birds down here too

Looking across Bahia Lapataia towards the Beagle Channel

Another one of them End of the Road Kiddies... signs

Here Mister beaver, beaver, beaver

Hi Anica

Snow hits early around Ushuaia
I bail on my last trek of the season in Patagonia
I do get in a couple of day hikes with some good people

Beagle Channel in Ushuaia

Getting ready to take a walk

Higher elevation shot of the channel

Heading here we hope to be

She's not sure

Encounter rock art

Flora art

and walking above tree-line....again

Looking like it could be fun

Laura makes it into the snow

Our base-jumping Irish friend makes it too

A break at the saddle

I'm taggin the peak to my west while these two rest

High photo of the area
That's Chile across the channel

and that's my buddies down there at the pass

Group photo in the saddle

Now what, glaciers???

That's an ice cave

You would like to go in but you can't

A rock island in the ice

Best shot looking into the channel

Needing night life and all
I head to Buenos Aires
Land of Tango

and graveyards

Mi Eva

These places are really entertaining and normally free

Looks like a good place to sit to me

A little Egypt

I saw something like this in New Orleans once
only she was real


Do you see the coffin


She's in thought

A bird imitating a cross I think....

This one has some merit badges

Here is the low-down on him

Another thinker

Greek Orthordox church in San Telmo

The instructions

The capital

Through the looking glass shows it to be a little wavey

The backside shot

It's tall but you can't go in

The KIA wall for the Falkland Islands people

I walked counter-clockwise 3 times around the obelisco
and then I returned to the states to make some
more money so I can come back out and play
Adopt me, send me money, anything
I just want to keep getting out and meeting people on the road
Join the COW society, Citizens Of the World
and get out to travel these great lands of ours...

Enjoy the Trails