Come spend the next six months with me while I travel about Nepal and India

My first morning in Pokhara, Nepal.
A mist on the sacred lake with me heading into the mountains in two days

Sun is just starting to break through

The mountains are still asleep

MachhapuchhareThe most holy of Holy Mountains in Nepal.
It has never been climbed. You might know it as "Fish Tail"

Before heading out I would need one more tasty meal

Trail head at Naya Pul

Typical house and stone wall

A lot of hillside clearing for food growing

First shot of where I'm going

Could not believe the diversity of flowers here

Some are planted in gardens
but many are growing wild

Todays journey heads up this valley

A zoom shot shows why the mountain is called Fish Tail

A zoom of Annapurna

Not so zoomed showing a series of vallies

And not so zoomed of Fish Tail

Beautiful trekking these first couple of days

Am in the tropical zone for the first couple of days

A lot of "Old Growth" in here

Some wild flowers

Geting into the subtropical zone
1000 Meters to 2000 Meters
3280 feet equals 1000 meters

This game is played throughout Nepal and India

Not sure what the round stone does here
A nail in the center holds it in place

A home made map showing the route
Here is where you start gaining elevation

More wild flowers
Pot plants were growing pretty abundant on this trek also

Due to the steep, narrow valley, this is the one
trek in Nepal where you are in danger of avalanches
People have and will die on this part of the trek
Plan for the late summer season to minimize your risk

Deorali, 3231 m or 10,600 ft. Starting to cool down

Not sure what the sign meant
but "Sure, why not"

Staircase waterfall



and more wild flowers

This is in the month of October

What would it be like in Spring?

One of numerous water falls on this trek

Weather looks like it could change


And again

And again

Once more

Next morning, clear sky

Getting closer

Snow line is around 4000 m

Looking back down valley

My buddie Lao

This is Machhapuchhare Base Camp
at the base of Fish Tail

Some shots of the view in the "bowl"

This guy carried a table for 5 days to get it to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

On the way backdown from ABC

The grass was pretty hardy in the region

Good view of the bedding planes

Coming back down valley

This ia an alter to the Goddess Annapurna
Goddess of food

This is Her waterfall abode

Her official notice

And the official prayer flags

Some old growth

Ferns of the area

Moss covered trees

A typical bridge
Zoom in to see the large rocks making the walkway on it


And pathways

See the TV antenna?

A larger bridge, getting closer to a village

A tourist?

Stone pathways in the villages

My first painted shrine in almost 10 days

The only tree orchid I saw on the whole trip

Looked really fragile

Could you spend your life just walking the planet on trails like this

smelling these

and these?

A new bridge

crossing this

A moth

A flower

A water buffalo

and a group of kids playing on a bamboo swing

Spider and web

Yep, flowers


The color scheme reminds me of Guatemala

this guy is neat

Back into populous Dhampus

My best to date

Getting ready to make clothing

Weaving a shaw

This child is so happy.
Her family rented her out to a home that could feed her
and she goes to school too

The owners' daughter

Back around Pokhara, a monkey in the tree

A leech on my foot, only got a couple

A peace pagoda

Zoom-in to read this

And the wheel keeps on turning

Kathmandu, one of the 1000 plus stupas in the capital
What chew du in katmandu?


and more

Back stairs to the Monkey Temple

Monkeys are VERY common in Nepal and India

Some shots around the temple grounds

A puppy and monkey standoff, who will get the trash (food)

Prayer flags hang all over the place

A prayer wheel

Give them a spin

I am intrigued with the eyes

Back in the city at the old town section called Durbar Square

When you zoom in, you see the old wood carving details here

Here is a pole sitter

Check out all of the little details in these photos

These wood carvings are hundreds of years old

Some of the locals hanging out

A cow having a "lay-down" lunch in the local trash pile

Here are the locals walking by their trash collection point

Typical utilities wiring

This is a two-way street for cars, motorbikes, rickshaws, bikes, and people.
It is about 15 foot wide

Inside the entrance to Bouda just east of Kathmandu

The largest stupa in Nepal I think

What is she taking a picture of????

Are these the masks of the four horsemen?

The eyes again

I believe if you understand this circles' meaning
you are free from the cycle of rebirths

My heart went to this guy.
Just the look of him gives me such a feeling of life

One of the places for cremation

Doctor's adverisement
The picture tells all

This was mold growing on the wall
I'm in Darjeeling, India now

This is at Observatory Hill
Lots of monkeys here

Overview of Darjeeling

Mak Drong Gompa

Inside the Gompa

On a trek to Sandakphu
I will be able to see Mt. Everest from there

Keep crossing back and forth India and Nepals' border on this trek

Part of the route on this 8 day trek

Mt. Everest is to the left in this photo

A couple of days into the return trip - My last shot of Everest

Hey, more flowers

I'm either coming or going here

Another shot of the route

Back in Darjeeling, the peace pagoda

I'm somewhere on the planet
Heading to Pelling, Sikkim

A spider

A flower


Large bamboo

You ask how large?

Nice flower garden

All trucks in Nepal and India are decorated

Shot out my back window in Pelling

I'm on the monastic trek

A Gompa near Yuksom

At Tashiding Gompa, Tashiding

Some of the nicest Stupas are here in Tashiding

Hey, a flower

Back in Pelling I take some more shots

I've made my way to Kolkata and then on down to the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve
Found these guys hanging out in one of the buildings

In a tower looking into the reserve
I'm the only tourist here

Look, a tiger snack

They like being on the inside of the fence too

Didn't see a tiger but they were outside this fence the two nights I am here

Saw a moth


and a butterfly

Lots of other wildlife too

A Water Monitor, about 5 foot long

A common boat

Tigers are present - On average 1 to 2 people are eaten each month
A work crew heading out - The rifle is needed


Zoom in to see the Wood Pecker

Traveling back to Kolkata
This is my taxi on part of the journey

A tree growing out of a building, Kolkata

In-city taxi

Jain temple poster

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

I'm on Havelock Island in the Andaman Islands now

Crabs in a coconut

Tides out

Does this mean they like warm sodas??

The baby is learning to work while momma and the sisters look-on

Beach number 7 and Elephant Beach are fantastic for snorkling

Had to spend 3 weeks at this paradise

Back to the main land
southern India, land of temples

Buda's Butter Ball - I'm in Mamallapuram

Tried to get a date but she was up to her waist in sand and cold as a rock
Really was a piece of trash just sitting in a vacant area

These are for sale

Making my way towards the southern point of India

Southern India is a land of temples
and their devotees

Walking towards David's Bridge near Rameswaram
Some kind of hawk bird I think

A group of kids I met on my walk

Typical housing for the people

I'm at Kanyakumari, the tip on New Year's Day, 2007

The backwaters of Kerala

Chinese fishing nets at Fort Cochin

They are cantilevered

Introduced by the traders from the courts of Kublai Khan

Vasco da Gama was buried here - Fort Cochin - 1524

All dressed up and no where to go

Give me a BIG kiss cutie

Am in Hampi now

Really liked this area

There was a lot to see

The remains of an OLD bridge

These drawing were made daily to welcome the Gods into the homes

They were really nice

Here you could buy the powder to make them

More temples

More tika powder

Some of the ruins around Hampi

Spent the day traveling by foot to see all of these sites

An ancient place for sacred bathing

One of the first toll booths??

I believe some of these places have had a little restoration done to them

School children learning their history

Hampi was a good place
Spent my birthday here

Onward to the cradle of our present civilization
Has there been more than ONE????

The museum, cost: 2.5 rupes ~ 6 cents US, no picture taking allowed inside,
was really good for being in the middle of NOWHERE

Is this a berm?

A piece of broken pottery

Want to save the place we call home? Slow down, enjoy life, make this your transportation (just a though)

The window carvings are from solid stone - Very beautiful

Step down into the well

Even in this hot, dry, dusty place, the beauty of the flower greets us a loving hello

Two of the locals at Modhera
Their eyes and teeth scream beetle nut juice
I'd be smiling too

A Jain temple at Mahesana

The fort at Jodhpur, Rajastan

Rajastan and it's cities was very nice
A must see area of India

Using hot coals to iron

Blue was the color used to show Braman status

The fort

The Sikh temple in Pushka

Notice the monkeys sitting like the people, or.....

Sunset at Pushka

Making sweets

My buddie Jim from London - We're in Jalsalmer

The Jalsalmer Fort at night

I slept 3 nights in the fort area

It was very quite and calm

Tell me - do they know how to fix a flat or what???

The Karni Mata (Rat) Temple at Deshnok

Here is my rat cure


The Golden Temple

And then we jump to McLeod Ganj
Home of the displaced Tibeten Goverment

What does this mean?

Around the town

Day hiking to get to the snow

On another day I did some solo stuff cross country

Was with John on this hike

One of the "Tall Ones"

From my window at Manikaran

Good day hiking here

Notice the cable for transporting goods across the valley

Got some snow

Road is collapsing
Rocks tell you not to drive near the edge

This one is being fixed

Life is great

Spent the day just walking the road

Another day found me walking to a mountain village

Had snow

A temple being built from wood

A child on the roof

Him and his sister wanted to know my honorable name and honorable country
Not really but everyone else in India ask you these two questions

Doesn't look like much but I bet these people know
more about life than many in the USA

Had 3 days of rainy snow in Manali

3 days of no water or electricity

Ah, Tattapani, hot springs and the sun

This valley is flooded by now - India needs the electricity

Local protesters burnt the bridge

Back in New Delhi, I come across a friend

Good ol' One horn

Gandi taking a hike

The presidents' office

Where Gandi was cremated

A long 6 months but I miss the daily hassle and everything else about Nepal and India already. Get out and do something with your life.
Quit living it through the web.
Peace - jeff