I'll start these travels in the central northern part of America 1, the north continent
There will be no chronological order here

Welcome to Canada of America

There is lots of water here

And some nice places to view it from

The lodge in Waterton Lakes National Park

A glacier north of Banff

This is part of the Canadian Rockies

Hungry trucks of the roadways

Around 1985 me and John Smith of BikeSmiths did a trip up to
Thunder Bay - memories forever, thanks John

I need some Good coffee

The swimming hole

John doing his part to help

Going into the United States of America (sorry, the citizens here are just a part of America) I find as much natural diversity in its' boundries as the whole of the world
The country really is blessed but most of the people just don't
understand what type of blessing it is

Some shots around the Indiana University Judson Mead Geological Field Station in Montana, summer 1982

I'm heading up Diamondback with a friend
A real fun scramble

Looking down the side on the way up

And, the top

Hanging @ the local store, Love them locals....

The sign says it all
I'm in Glacier National Park 2006

It is fresh

and so is this

We have more than just bears here

A couple of shots on a solo hike

There are bears here too

Mountains are fantastic

To me this is heaven on earth

We even have moose road blocks

To the south we have Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

A shot from 2006

A buffalo from Yellowstone National Park

Remains from the 1988 fire

Yellowstone Lake in the park

An elk resting by the lake

Boiling mud

One of many beautiful hot springs

Geysers on the left, geysers on the right....

And farther south we have the Grand Tetons

They were taking a swim

Dean got a shot of me bouncing around the rocks at
Rocky Mountain National Park

Just south of the park you have
Indian Peaks National Wilderness Area

World class scenery

A mountain lake at the continental divide

Northward, close encounters with Devils Tower in Wyoming

A couple of shots of the Badlands in South Dakota

A buffalo at Custard State Park in South Dakota

Here is a herd of them
I was visiting my uncle Don and aunt Nell
who were working at the park for the summer
One of the best ways to experience our national and state parks

Vandals carving up the hillsides

Heading back towards the west I come to

The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

The Mesa Verde National Park also in Colorado

Mid 1980's with Rob Ward doing an Irish jig at Four Corners

A diagram showing the Moab Fault
at Moab, Utah

Here is what it looks like to the layman

A good shot of Arches National Park

A lot of nice formations here

Across the highway we have Canyonlands National Park

This photo doesn't show it but the Green River
and the Colorado River converge in this area

The upper portion of the Glen Canyon

Natural Bridges National Monument

To the north we have

Some place in Salt Lake City

The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

A shot down into the gorge

Taken from here

I can step down to here for the next shot
It is only about 1000 foot drop

These drops are real

But it is so beautiful

This is the Red Canyon area

To the west of Salt Lake City

The Golden Spike National Historic Site

This is the spot

and a train just like the original one that completed the job

Back down south

Capital Reef National Park

Deers picking the fruit

Indian taggers from so long ago

Staying in Kanab, Utah, I am able to visit several parks

but first I take a smores break at the hostal

The sureal landscape of Bryce Canyon National Park

The colors are stronger than the photo shows here

Back in the 80's, me and the kids are in Bryce Canyon National Park

A nice arch shot

Eric, Jeff, and Andrea

I hope they enjoyed this as much as dad did

The Grand Canyon isn't to far away

Do you see the crack in the walkway

I've hiked the Coca Canyon in Peru
but I believe that this is bigger and grander

Here are some shots in Zion National Park around 1990

Check out the cross-bedding here

Hiking with my son into one of the canyons

Going up Angle's Landing, 2005

Cedar Breaks National Monument is just north of Zion
It is higher and not nearly as crowded
A good chill spot

One of the oldest trees in the monument

Heading towards the west coast

Spent a couple of days in
Mount Rainier National Park

Make note to spend more time in Washington State

Here's a shot at Mount St. Helen, mid-1980's

Again in 2007

Stopping by Crater Lake

The water has a real rich blue color to it

Can you see the guy crouching down to get out
of the wind on top of Lassen Volcano in Northern California

Could not see to much that morning

There are hot springs in the park also

The Golden Gate bridge

In Southern California I meet movie stars

and hang with the beautiful people of Venice Beach

A couple of days in Yosemite Park
Following Yosemite Creek to the waterfall, had to get into a couple of these

Moving into the south-west

On a camping trip with my eldest son, Robert Keith Carl

This is the Mogollon Rim area of Central Arizona

I'm gettin my kicks......

It would be more fun in this maybe

This is the Hoover or Boulder Dam
It's your choice

A couple of the water intakes

I'm on a geo road trip around 1986
Went to western Texas & New Mexico with these fine folks

This is the infamous "Four Moons Over Texas" outcrop

2004 in Big Bend National Park
The frontier of Texas and the United States of Mexico

Beautiful sunsets at this place

These guys eat anything including parts of the car

Yes, this is part of Texas and Mexico

The Rio Grande River in a canyon

A falcon

Wonder if AA would agree

Another sunset

Outside the park, who is that guy

Hopping over to the east coast

In New York City, the Dakotas
Imagine who lived herejohn lennon

The World Trade Center

With Juliana's head

I heard the people are cold here but this.....

Down to the North Carolina - South Carolina area

Did you see the movie

Hiking around the Mt. Mitchell area

Heard the lookout tower has been replaced

Part of the Appalachian Mountains

Around Table Rock State Park, South Carolina I believe

In the lagoon at Huntington Beach State Park

A nice shot of a spider in the park

Some swampy areas to visit - The Okefenokee swamp

Camping is possible out here

Camping at Destin, Florida

A really white sand

The Everglades National Park - That's a lot of Croc..

The hammocks in a sea of grass

Bird populations are down over 90 percent

A tree

A board walk

An alligator

Just to make a dollar

The Tree Snail

Back to the mid-west

On a bike trip in with John
These shots are in Michigan

The road is around here some place

This isn't a postcard, John took the shot

A couple of years earlier on our way up to Canada of America

A natural bridge, the Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky

A good place for hiking and camping

Back home again in Indiana

Life is a little fuzzy with no hair on your face

Tunnelton, Hi Kendra......

Dr. Mead, a geophysicist

Dr. Ruhe, a geomorphologist

Hey, I know that little squirt and she is as cute as a button sometimes...

Indiana's answer to the Grand Canyon
Who says coal mining is bad for the environment

Coming from Southern California
Being raised with the beach as my playground
What more needs to be said

South of the USA border we have the Uniter States of Mexico, USM

Tulum ruins in the Yucatan, 1986

and they would watch the sun rise from here...

The guy catching some rays

Time to head on down to Central America
Come on along.... jeff