The following photos were taken in 1988 & 89 while Juliana studied in Jerusalem

From the roof top in the Old City

Looking west towards the Old City and new city from the Mount of Olives

A Judean sunset overlooking Ein-Karem, the birthplace of John the Baptist

To much horn playing made the walls come tumbling down

A project in Jaffa

Starting to travel the country - The skyline is Lebanon

This is the backside of Nimrod's Fortress overlooking the Golan Heights

"and they said he walked on the water" this is the same area...

Juliana sitting in the bamboo garden next to the Sea of Galilee
We camped here for a couple of days

Here is a shot of the lower end of the Dead Sea

I am sitting/floating in the Dead Sea
You don't sink

This is Masada overlooking the Dead Sea with Jordan in the background

Another shot of Masada

Looking west from the top of Masada

This is Taba beach with the Sinai in the background
We camped here for a couple of days

Nice Julia, facilities were lacking
..........and the suit was wet...little tease

I really can cook

The Red Caynon
Look at the people for scale

I leaped across the void to get out onto this formation

We now travel to Egypt
One of the Great Pyrimids of Giza

Want to tag the top?

You know what this is, right?

Here I am at Aswan standing by the Nile

Looking northward down the Nile from the High Dam

The dogs hanging on the High Dam

This is a shot at Lexor

This is Juliana walking out of the Vally of the Kings
It was a long, hot walk

Hey, you like my photos? What can I say, I'm a blond
Yea, for sure