Here are some shots of Italy, starting with where I worked in the mountains

This is an air shot of the lab

Here I am heading up Corno Granda of the Gran Sasso Group

Another shot farther up the mountain

Once again Chucky T's put me on top

Here is an air shot of Corno Granda snow covered

Camping on top of Mt. Cefalone with Jan

A view from Mt. Cefalone looking down at Assergi

This is a field of flowers by my apartment

A photo at Pompeii

This is a building in Roma

And a fountain in Roma

One of the katacombs in Roma

The floor of the Colosseo

Larry, a fellow MACRO worker with his son, Larry-low, at the Colosseo

Larry's father-in-law, Sergio Onofri
I stayed at his place for a couple of weeks while I explored Roma
He taught me how to play Scopa - Thanks Sergio

Off to Florence

Here is Dave hanging out @ Mike's Plaza

This is Pisa

A shot of Bologna

And a shot of Venice