After eight months plus of work, study, and travel
in the Middle East, me and Juliana grab a plane into England,
make a beeline to the docks, and hop onto a boat
heading to Rotterdam

Juliana getting ready for a much desired shower

We took in Hanau, Germany - the Grimm Brothers

It is said that at midnight on New Years Eve these guys trade places

Outside of Hanau is the Ronnieburg castle, circ.1300's
This isn't the best shot but the place is interesting to visit

Here is a view around Berchtesgarden in southern Germany

Traveling to Fulda, we visit the tomb of Saint Boniface

After a while we found ourselves in France - Here are a couple of off-beat photos
Some major tidal changes here

The little bump on the top is a "pill-box" machine gun nest from WWII
The drop was at least 300 foot

Some nice wall decorations here

Last but not least...
A 1976 photo of Andrea Michelle taken in Bruchkobel, Germany
It is halloween night and the sheriff is getting ready to do her paperwork