Josephine took me in under her wing
for my first 30 days in Guatemala

Two of my school buddies, Bridget and Flore

Volcan Aqua close to Antigua, Guatemala

Volcans Fuego and i forget??

Holy week in Antiqua, Guatemala

The Organic Garden Project in Xela
Led by Amy from Canada

Simon and Amy at the tool shed
Built by a crew of good people

This is the volcano Santa Maria close to Xela

Amy on her 21st birthday going up volcano Santa Maria

A couple of other shots of a volcano below me erupting through the clouds

The Indian Head at Lake Atitlan

A couple of more shots by the lake

With a group of trekkers going to Volcan Tajumulco
Highest point in Central America

Here is a distance view of Tajumulco

Jeff on the apex of Tajumulco at sunrise

A couple of shots at sunrise showing other volcanos

This is the morning shadow of Tajumulco extending into Mexico

Some more traveling east of Coban took me to some nice waterfall action

On to Tikal and the temples

Did a week on Isla Utila in Honduras with Anna

I then traveled on down to Costa Rica to hook-up with Emma

Oldest church in Costa Rica

More waterfalls

Down to Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica

A side trip into Panama
Mine and Emma's habitation at Isla Bastimentos

Hanging at the beach

In a rain forest near Boquete, Panama

At a river with hot springs

Emma heads to New Zealand and I get ready to hit South America
A couple of shots of Panama City

An arch in the old city

Heading south now.............