One day while walking around the woods I came across a little valley
I wondered where it went
It looked magical and inviting Sooooo...

I built a road and followed it to see where it went

At the end of the road I found a quiet little spot among the beech and oak trees

I cut a couple of trees (but really disliked doing it) and said "Now what?"

I dug some holes,

found some poles,

and began to build my home

I knew I would soon need some electricity so...
I dug a trench 320 foot long through the forest and got a little E-power

I put up the walls,

framed the roof,

and sealed up the outside of it

I did a little work inside too!

I put on a coat of paint and got ready for the winter

The winter of 96 came and went - couldn't get too much done without heat
so I just chilled, layed out plans, and got myself psyched up for the coming spring
Spring of 97, here we be

I layed 720 foot of water line

Hooked up my hot water heater

I started underpinning the place

With this finished, the floor would be heated to 55 degrees by nature

I wanted to start putting that HOT water to a good use

Yea, this will do

Come the winter of 97 I had wood heat to help keep the place "dried out"
but it still wasn't livable, I just continued to work on
the plumbing, electrical, and drywall

Spring 98 - Time to paint inside and start the flooring

Finish out some doors,

and get some stairs started

And then there was the siding

Had to do a little roadway re-engineering

With winter 98 closing in on me, I thought I should get my place some LP gas heat

I got the kitchen together some-what

I finished up the sleeping loft and closet too

The Winter of 98 found me pretty much winding up the project

In 1999 I kept it to a minimal set of projects - They were: #1 My Decks

And #2 My Tool Shed

Special thanks to all that have helped make this special dream come true

Enjoy your life travels