What To Do
What Not To Do
What To Expect....

  2. Don't forget to drink it.
  3. Expect your body and non-cramping muscles to thank you.

  1. Come 5 to 10 minutes early.
  2. Don't be late.
  3. You will be set up properly on your bike when the ride starts.

  1. Wear gym or bike shorts.
  2. Don't wear shorts or pants with seams or pockets.
  3. You won't get sore points from rubbing or sitting on the seams.

  1. Follow cadence, follow cadence, FOLLOW CADENCE.
  2. Don't break cadence.
  3. You will receive an excellent workout if your cadence is on cue. This is one of the main points to the workout. It is better to reduce or increase your resistance level before you allow yourself to break cadence.

  1. Maintain Good Form.
  2. Don't ride aerodynamically. You're on an indoor bike.
  3. You are able to ride with proper body position without compromising form for aerodynamics. You can maximize your workout while minimizing your injuries.